Emergency Management Planning: Proposal Submitted!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for reading my first blog post! I guess I can start off with a little bit about myself. My name’s Alex Chung (no I’m not the famous Alexa Chung that autocorrect and Google often thinks I am) and I’m in my second year of an M.Sc. at the University of Ottawa. Born and raised in Ottawa, I did my undergrad in Biology at Carleton University. Aside from working “extremely” hard on my thesis, I also work on this blog site for C-Change. So any questions or concerns about these blog posts can be directed to me.

As for my thesis project, I’m working under the supervision of Professor Dan Lane and Professor Colleen Mercer-Clarke. I just submitted my thesis proposal so I’m extremely excited to get this project underway and start the thesis writing process.

Alex's Thesis Proposal

Alex’s Thesis Proposal

The project involves creating simulations to evaluate emergency preparedness in the event of a storm surge. That’s my thesis in a nutshell, but you’re probably thinking how is he going to do that? Or what is it good for? Well without boring you, I’ll be designing mock-up table top exercises to evaluate emergency response strategies.

Fortunately we don’t have storms everyday to test out emergency response strategies. This calls for other means of testing and identifying gaps in strategies. We often see this process done in retrospect after a storm has occurred, but how can we determine whether we’re prepared before the storm? I’m hoping the answer lies in a simulation process. If you’re interested, you can take a look at proposal by following this link.

I’ll be conducting case studies for the C-Change communities of Charlottetown and Isle Madame. Hopefully you can follow along over the next year as I update you on the project!



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