National Hurricane Preparedness Week!

It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week in the US! It couldn’t be more fitting given that we’re a week away from the Caribbean Studies Association Conference and C-Change team meeting in Grenada. The countdown is on and I’ll be blogging and tweeting along with the other C-Change students throughout the week to update everyone.

I’ve been working on my presentation for the conference as well as a very basic table-top exercise to stir some discussion about emergency preparedness. I’ll try to alternate my posts between interesting “FYI” posts and posts that are specific to my thesis. So in honour of Hurricane Preparedness Week and because we missed the Canadian Emergency Preparedness Week (May 5-11), I’ll post several interesting resources that I stumbled across while putting together the presentation.

Check out the videos by the National Hurricane Center of NOAA for Hurricane Preparedness Week. This seems like a great way to get the message out, maybe C-Change can put out a YouTube video that will go viral??

Also while looking for photos for the presentation I came across this image by John Nelson that shows every hurricane and intense weather event recorded since 1851 all in a single image. You can see the intensity and frequency of storms around the Caribbean region. I have to say this was an interesting find since storm surge images are never really appealing given the context of the situation.

Map revealing all of the world’s hurricanes and intense weather events since 1951 in a single image.

Hope everyone has a good week ahead! I’ll post again tomorrow with updates about my research!


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