“Chance favours only the prepared mind”

Hi Everyone!

The blog has been up and running for two weeks now and it’s great to see a couple students from the Caribbean involved in the blogging as well. We’ll be presenting about the blog and spreading word about it at next week’s meeting.

I came across a great quote from Louis Pasteur last week that sums up my research, “Chance favours only the prepared mind”. In fact, I like it so much I used it as the title for this blog!

As for my thesis, I’ve been busy putting together a simple table-top exercise to stir some discussion about emergency response. The table-top exercise was created for the community of Little Anse in Isle Madame and you can find it at the following link (Table-Top Exercise for the Case of Little Anse).


Preparedness is often defined as the resources and the “plans” in place. The table-top exercise will add an element of decision making to the notion of preparedness and I’m working towards incorporating elements of chance and random failure to the system as well. I love analogies and often like to describe this process as building a scale model. Given all the tools and the instructions, is one guaranteed to be successful? A large part of being successful lies in one’s skills and decision making in our case.

With that said, the Little Anse exercise can be broken down into a decision tree for participants to navigate through. You can find these diagrams in my presentation for next week. Here’s a draft of what it looks like so far (Emergency Management Planning Presentation).

Emergency Management Planning

I’ll leave it at that for now and hope everyone has a good week!



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