Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


Charlottetown is located on the south shore of PEI, just off the eastern shore of Canada in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The city is situated on Charlottetown Harbour, which is formed by the confluence of three rivers and which opens onto the Northumberland Strait. The City of Charlottetown’s impressive inventory of parks & green spaces (approximately 400 acres), providing a range of passive and active experiences, include the award winning Confederation Landing Park, a beautifully landscaped waterfront park. Charlottetown has an extensive and distinct architectural heritage including individual heritage buildings as well as a heritage area located in the downtown core.

Climate Data for Charlottetown
Source: Environment Canada (2009)


Charlottetown has an employment rate of over 63%. The local economy is dominated by the public sector. The provincial, federal, and municipal levels of government are significant employers in the central part of Queens County, as well as healthcare and secondary and post-secondary education. Other significant economic activities include technological companies, light manufacturing, bio-technology, and machining.


Charlottetown has a population of 58,625 residents (2006 Census) . The median age of the community is 39.9 years, with 83% of the population over the age of 15. Of those residents over age 15, more than 80% have gained their high school diploma (or equivalent), with 55% having some post-secondary education.

Charlottetown is governed by an elected council representing ten wards in the city, and a mayor who is elected at large. Every citizen is represented by a councillor who works to convey concerns and provide answers on City business. The city government has always been very inclusive in encouraging citizen representation on the various committees and advisory boards which assist in the decision making process. The Canadian federal government has four representatives on PEI, including one for the federal riding of Charlottetown.


Charlottetown is known as a clean and safe family community, and the center of activity, amenities, shopping and entertainment in PEI. Charlottetown has become internationally famous for it’s indoor and outdoor festivals and events. Just a few of the outdoor events include: DiverseCity; Jazz and Blues Festival; Festival of Lights; Fall Flavours Festival; Jack Frost Festival; Charlottetown Festival; and The International Shellfish Festival.

April 2010 © C-Change Secretariat (Canada) & C-Change Partners for Charlottetown.


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